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The flag was designed by a network group of graphic designers and activists from several countries. The group was opened by Gad Hakimi, a vegan activist, head of the Israeli A.L.F group in his town, and designer. the group chose to make the flag about human-animal equality. The colors white, green and blue were chosen to represent the natural habitats of animals: sky, land, and sea. The letter V stands for Vegan, and is an inverted pyramid intended to symbolize the ability to do the impossible.

Every important movement in history

has a powerful and memorable flag!


The international vegan flag is a free enterprise to use and distribute. Use it for free as you see fit.

So we will be everywhere and in everyone’s awareness all the time.
Run with it and spread the word!



Represents flying animals


Represents land animals


Represents marine animals


Represents our unity


The vegan flag is a civil flag that represent veganism. The flag consists of three blue and green triangles forming the letter V, the first letter in the word “vegan”. The flag was created in hopes of uniting animal rights organizations and activists.


Flying the vegan flag on Elbrus mountain in Russia

Hungarian mountain climber reaches the top of Elbrus mountain in Russia - grounding the vegan flag. "Raising the vegan flag at the summit of each of the Seven is my contribution to the movement." Márton Fodor has achieved his goal of reaching the Elbrus peak...

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The Official Animal Rights March 2018

This year animal rights marches were held around the world. The Official Animal Rights March is an annual march founded by the UK animal rights organization Surge. The purpose of the march is to unite the vegan community globally and to inspire people to become...

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In the middle between a truck and a slaughterhouse

This morning, dozens of vegan activists, members of the Total Animal Liberation movement, blocked the gates of the "Adom Adom" slaughterhouse in the spring valley near Beit She'an, preventing cattle trucks from entering the compound.     "At a time when it...

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Israeli activists against live shipments

Dozens of Israeli activists from Israel against live shipments and Total Liberation protested this afternoon in front of the Australian embassy in Israel against live shipments. The protest was organized in the wake of a report published on television in both...

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Vegan France new logo

The vegan flag was created in order to allow everything related to veganism to stand out and thus be in the consciousness at all times and everywhere and to call out the voices of the animals. One of the goals of the flag is to convey the message of veganism, so that...

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The Vegan Battle Flag – By Vegan Unleashed

The concept of the vegan battle flag came shortly after the announcement of the vegan flag. Much darker, the battle flag represents the turmoil in an activist’s life:  we are constantly reminded of the horrors of our ways as humans, and the destruction and terror we...

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