The concept of the vegan battle flag came shortly after the announcement of the vegan flag. Much darker, the battle flag represents the turmoil in an activist’s life:  we are constantly reminded of the horrors of our ways as humans, and the destruction and terror we cause around the globe. At the same time, we have to live in a society that doesn’t seem to care – it is a constant battle to remain open, honest, strong, and loving, even in the face of despair and hatred. It represents vegan warriors in battle.

I’m glad we had the opportunity to talk with Randall from Vegan Unleashed to talk about the Dark design of the vegan flag – the Vegan Battle Flag.

Hello Randall, I’m glad we were able to hold this interview.

Hello, Gad, I’m stoked to be a part of this!

I would be happy if you could tell us a little about yourself.

Gladly! I’m an American that lives in Germany. My service in the Army brought me here and I ended up staying. I began my vegan journey about 3 years ago while finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Health Sciences. At the time I was a huge gym-rat: your typical weight-lifting meathead. An argument over eggs and heart disease led me on a path to prove that there was no correlation; however, as it turned out, I was dead wrong! I began reading more and more studies and journals on veganism and health and eventually changed my own diet and lifestyle, as well as that of my family. The main game changer for me was that I was simultaneously learning about the insane ethical violations and environmental issues associated with animal consumption. I learned about all the atrocities while, at the same time, also learning that none of it was even necessary for our health or survival. Once I realized that all this evil was for nothing but greed and social conditioning, I changed and never looked back.




What was your feeling when you first saw the vegan flag?

As a veteran, I realized that a uniting symbol is always good for any movement. So the vegan flag was a pleasant surprise.



What motivated you to create the vegan battle flag?

It’s a beautiful design, but I thought it was missing a few characteristics. Considering my employment background and current lifestyle, I thought it could be “toughened” up a bit. I also realized that I may not be the only vegan activist that feels this way.

I shared my ideas and vision with my friend and artist, Florian Tasser, and the current design is what he produced.



I would be happy if you could describe the choices of color and elements in the vegan battle flag.

Besides the vegan “V” and some swords added to other versions, the flag is relatively unchanged. The darkness of the flag represents the darkness and turmoil that all vegan warriors deal with on a daily basis. However, despite all this darkness, these badasses get up and return to the fight, taking the challenge head on. As a combat veteran, this has always been very inspiring to me because not many people can be that strong in the face of adversity, even for themselves. I hope to see both the battle flag and original flag flying together, in any scenario.





Where the vegan battle flag and its products are available for purchase?

Flags and apparel can be purchased at Teespring

Here are my social links: YoutubeInstagramTwitterFacebook | Tumblr

The artist website: Florian Tasser