I would like to introduce you to Ying-Chieh Liu from Taiwan, Ying-Chieh Liu is an artist and a graduate of the Taipei National University of the Arts with an M.F.A degree.

She is the founder of Goat kid go veg, A habitat for animals released from livestock farm.

Liu says: I became vegan because of the goats. ‘Goat kid’ for me is a symbol of being vegan. and I like the flag design, simple and strong !

Goat kid’s story

Our first goat, who used to live in a livestock farm, that was an evil purgatory packed in small cages with dozens of sheep who meant to be slaughtered.We started out as ignorant, we bought her from the farmer as a product, but what we really did is that we took her out of hell.

As an artist, Liu uses her talent to create beautiful items for the goats whose their raising demands expenses and has created a Badge pin of a goat in the colors of the vegan flag.

Liu’s art website – liuyingchieh.com

The Vegan flag goat on Liu’s Etsy page – Etsy.com