We are excited to announce that the vegan movement has a flag! The flag has been designed by Gad Hakimi, a senior designer in a hi-tech company and a graduate of Bezalel – Academy of art and design. The flag is composed of three triangles which create the letter “V” between them. The colors of the flag are green and blue, the colors of the land, the sky and the sea, and white.

This is my interview with Gad:

What made you come up with the idea of the flag?

I wanted to give from myself and my abilities to promote veganism. I have created a vegan superhero comic. The one thing I lacked was a flag, which will guide the character, his identity and his colors. I have searched the web for a flag and found nothing, besides a few sketches which were designed unprofessionally and were not promoted. They didn’t follow the basic rules of creating a flag. I have then decided to design a flag by myself, the same way like the rainbow flag of the LGBT movement. The flag will be identified with all the vegans, first as a concept, and then as mainstream.

I have studied about flags, their meaning for the nations and their designing rules for about a month.

What were your guidelines for designing the flag? How did you choose the colors, the shapes and the overall design?

The process of designing the flag began by creating a facebook group, where 20 activists joined to help and advise. There were suggestions to put animals on the flag and to put some red color in it in memorial of the slaughtered. Then we concluded, that a vegan flag is not about animals. It’s about humans and animals being equal. Veganism is about not exploiting animals. It’s about them being at our side. The new direction we took was a flat that shows our love, as vegans, to earth, and our strive to a better and cleaner world in every aspect. The flag has to reflect a vision, and not a past of grief.

The blue color at the bottom of the flag gives a sense of flying. A sketch with the colors in the opposite direction gave a sense of heaviness and was disqualified. People say that the “V” looks like a white bird. Others say that the blue and green resemble the relationship between water and land. Some say that the flag reflects God’s power on the earth, because the “V” looks like an arrow pointing down. I have got a lot of such comments in platforms where the flag was shown.

What do you expect to happen with the flag in the future?

I want the flag to be shown and identified everywhere. I have a feeling it is going to happen. I have lots of friends that help me promote it and create contacts in the right places. It includes promoting it in Google’s search results and selling it online. I have a friend from England that volunteered to build an official website for it.

How is the vegan superhero going on? Is the flag fitting in the character?

I’ll be back to it when I’ll have the time, but there’s no doubt that the character will be inspired from the flag’s concept. I’ll be happy if interested people will contact me.

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By Dudi Stern | Tivonews