The vegan flag is a civil flag intended to represent veganism. The flag consists of three blue and green triangles forming the letter V, the first letter in the word “vegan”. Inspired by the LGBT rainbow flag, the flag was created in hopes of uniting animal rights organizations and activists. The flag was designed by a network group of graphic designers and activists from several countries. The group was opened by Gad Hakimi, a vegan activist and designer from Israel. Originally, some members of the group suggested that animals should be featured on the flag, with red colours featuring prominently to symbolize the blood of slaughtered animals. However, the group eventually chose to make the flag about human-animal equality, not about animals themselves. The colors white, green and blue were chosen to represent the natural habitats of animals: sky, land, and sea. The letter V stands for Vegan, and is an inverted pyramid intended to symbolize the ability to do the impossible.

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