Date of launching: June 9th 2017

We are excited to announce that we have a flag!
Calling all business people / entrepreneurs and anyone interested.
The vegan flag international is a free enterprise to use and distribute. 
Use it for free as you see fit.
From bumper stickers to fridge magnets, tea towels, bath towels, baby clothes, shopping bags, mouse mats and anywhere else your imagination takes you.

So we want to be everywhere and in everybody’s awareness all the time.
Run with it and spread the word!

How it started:
Some of the vegan associations around the world. I examined what form of branding would encompass the entire concept of veganism. The result was clear – we needed a flag. Every important movement in history has a powerful and memorable flag. Until now we only used unconnected symbols. I made many guidelines for a flag, and on May 16th 2017 I was just a few activists to polish the final design.
The activists are all members of the group Vegan Flag International
The result is in front of you.

vegan flag officialy announced


3 triangles that form a V shape in their inner space. The flag is divided into a grid of 5 by 5 as agreed upon in the design of country flags. (There are 3 by 3).
It’s all about where they are: land, sea and air.
We chose the colors did darstellt thesis values:
White – light, goodness, success, beginning
Green – life, nature, energy, harmony
Blue – sky, sea, faith, truth, heaven

Blue – # 0099cc | RAL 5012
Green – # 009933 | RAL 6037

Designed by Gad V Hakimi , Senior Designer in Online Company, B.The Graduate from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
The flag is open source and everyone can use it. Share it, print it, sell it.

Stores did already started to sell the Vegan Flag:
Ebay: several sizes –
Ebay: Flag 3’x5 ‘-
Ebay: Flag 3’x5′ –
Ebay: Flag 3 ‘x5’ –
Aliexpress: Flag 3’x5 ‘-
Aliexpress: Flag 3’x5′ –
Aliexpress: Flag 3’x5 ‘-
Aliexpress: Flag 3’x5 ‘-
Aliexpress: Flag 3’x5′ –
Aliexpress: Flags 2’x3 ‘, 3’x5’, 6’x8 ‘-
Amazon: T -shirt with the flag –
MrFlag: Several sizes –

* We have no responsibility on their products.

Visit the Vegan Flag’s group on Facebook –

We are pleased to present you our new flag. As you know, over the past few months we have collected material from many vegan clubs worldwide. I was looking for a brand that encompasses the whole concept of veganism. The result was clear: we need a flag! Every important movement in history has a powerful and memorable banner. So far, however, we only used disjointed symbols. So I’ve looked at a lot of guideline related to the creation of a flag, and last week some important activists came to finish the final version. The activists are members of the Vegan Flag International – Playground group. The result is in front of you!
Explanation: 3 triangles which form on their inside the shape of the letter “V”. The flag is divided into a 5 x 5 grid, as agreed for the design of the country flags. (There are also 3 x 3 grid). The colors are those of the earth – sea, air and land. Shades: Light Blue – # 0099cc Green – # 009933

Siamo lieti di annunciarvi che abbiamo una nuova bandiera! Come alcuni di voi già sanno, nei mesi scorsi ho raccolto informazioni presso molte associazioni vegan di tutto il mondo. Ho studiato attentamente quale tipo di marchio potesse riassumere l’intero concetto del veganismo. Il risultato è stato chiaro: abbiamo bisogno di una bandiera. Qualsiasi movimento importante della storia è stato accompagnato da un suo simbolo forte e memorabile. Fino ad oggi abbiamo usato solo dei simboli scollegati. Ho studiato molte guide sul tema della creazione di una bandiera, e settimana scorsa mi sono incontrata con alcuni cari attivisti per perfezionare il concetto finale. Gli attivisti sono tutti membri del gruppo Vegan Flag International – Playground. Il risultato è qui, davanti a voi.
Mirroring: 3 triangoli sistemati in modo da formare una “V” al centro. La bandiera è divisa in format 5 x 5, come convene il disegno delle bandiere nazionali (esiste anche il formato 3 x 3). I colori sono quelli del nostro mondo: del mare, dell’aria e della terra. Sfumature: azzurro # 0099cc e verde # 009933.